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She notes the hypocrisy involved in the body beautiful mission statement propagated by this show and others like the Khloé Kardashian presented .“What does it say about our culture that the desire for weight loss is considered a default feature of womanhood?

”Gay also takes to task the obsessive culture of celebrity watching.“These weight fluctuations of famous women are tracked like stocks because their bodies are, in their line of work, their personal stock, the physical embodiment of market value…

His cute smile and his attractiveness have made girls fall for him in seconds.

He is attractive, he is stylish and he will go far in his profession.

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Attitudes like "women don't hurt each other" or "a fight between two men is a fair fight" can keep people from recognizing abuse.

He is an unbelievable actor and his performances in TV shows and movies have and collected huge fans all over the world.

He needs to select the top characters for himself in future and if he becomes able to do so he will become one of the fines American actors in the industry.

Initially drawn to is a show about fat as an enemy that must be destroyed, a contagion that must be eradicated,” she writes.“It is a show about unruly bodies that must be disciplined by any means necessary, so that through that discipline, the obese might become more acceptable members of society.”And the goal posts keep moving.

Gay refers to the 2004 season of the US iteration of and the backlash when contestant Rachel Frederickson dropped from around 118kg to 48kg in a few months.

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