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Into your western stop of your beach may be the ferry dock, you could find frequent scheduled ferries to West Finish Tortola.

If travelling by means of the US it is possible to fly to St Thomas and vacation for the BVI via general public ferry or personal h2o taxi.

Here’s an interesting fact, the fastest swimmers in the world swim at about 5 mph, whereas the Sailfish (Figure 2) can swim up to 68 mph, which is about as fast as your parents drive when on the freeway.

Now, when you don’t squeeze your head with your arms, or stretch your body as long as possible, your body makes a shape like the boat underneath., both swimmers keep their head in a relatively neutral position.

Some sharks can actually go weeks at a time without eating if they have a big meal.

When I was a kid, I got “one of everything” from the tooth fairy—a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a one-dollar bill.

A woman named Rachel Scott was shopping at a local grocery store one afternoon.

We were free diving at the time with nothing but our camera’s to get it all.

As soon as we saw the whales had a calf we immediately tried to get as far as possible, knowing from previous experience that it’s best to keep your distance when whales have calfs because they’re so unpredictable.

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