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Later, Soso becomes disgusted at the prison conditions and protests by staging a hunger strike, which none of the other inmates take seriously at first.

Sister Ingalls, Taylor and Jones eventually join her in the protest.

In case you need a quick refresher, the movie stars Smith and Kevin James, and is about a dude who helps guys get the girl of his dreams.

Learn how to dance well, but above all, dance honestly Learn how to dance. Trust us, you’ll need it maybe thirty times in your life (unless you’re a club-hopper), and those moments count. If you’re gonna get out there and dance in front of people, be yourself. drunken text, or being too clingy and going overboard and oversharing your feelings for your paramour too early on.

If it wasnt for the rap game kids and the fans and Jermaine I WOULDA BEEN OFF THIS SH-T.

Apparently Bow Wow is most upset that the tour selling shirts with his face on them without them discussing anything about merchandise.

I think a class like that should be run world wide. There are also books such as Dating and Relationships for Dummies that you might like to check out. I'm still going through the grief of losing both parents plus I'm going through my Aspergers (I was diagnosed). Lots of older people go to college -- not everyone is young.

The pair grow closer as friends and, eventually, lovers.

Poussey and Soso's first encounter is in Season Two.

Poussey finds her passed out in the library, and takes her to the bathroom to make her throw up the pills.

Poussey's friends (Suzanne Warren and Taystee) then welcome her to their group, albeit slightly reluctantly.

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